Beets and Greens with Lentils πŸ›πŸŒΏπŸ₯˜πŸŒ±

Beets are one of the most amazing veggies on this entire 🌎 planet.

Eat them raw, as a dip 🍱 or toss them in salad, 🍜 …savor them in curry πŸ₯˜ or in a soup or pasta sauce. 🍝

Introducing beets in your diet  πŸ“ is yet another way of gifting yourself a wonderful natural detox 🌿 treatment.

Combine them with greens 🌿 and lentils, you have a power packed combo of nutrients rich goodness πŸ’š.

This is how today’s recipe came into form🌿…the Beets and Greens with Lentils curry  πŸ›

I used the Red lentil soup as the basic recipe. 🍲

 Add 1/2 cup of beets (diced) with 1 cup of greens of choice (I used Rainbow chard) .🌿

Enjoy the earthy flavor of beets in this Indian spiced Lentil curry πŸ› 

I would like to know your experience with this recipe 😊 …let me know in the comments section. πŸ“

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